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Scrapping 52 layouts starts with photographs, usually

Posted by PatriciaD on December 17, 2009

I mentioned in the last two blogs about doing 52 layouts this next year.  I hope you will consider doing that with me.  But today I thought I’d pass on some information to help you with your photos.  There are lots of reasons to take photos every single day.  One to record the moment.  Two to improve your photos-just natural after a while.  Three to get in the habit of recording everything.  Four if you have little ones they grow up so fast…this moment will not be here tomorrow.  Five it’s fun – get the whole family involved.  Six, if you’re gonna do those layouts you’re gonna need photos.

In this day and age of the digital camera and cheap, if not free, photos there’s no excuse for not getting out that camera and DO IT!!

Check out the site above and get in the habit early, TODAY, don’t wait for January 1st.


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