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WOW!! 2010…What will this year bring to your scrapbooking?

Posted by PatriciaD on January 6, 2010

Do you have a plan to put scrapbook pages in your books?  Are you gonna do the 52 pages this year with me?  If so we need to be thinking about that first page for this first week. 

We’ve had a bit more snow here than usual and it’s staying longer and they’re predicting more snow tonight so I am thinking my first layout of the year needs to be about the snow and sledding and snowmen and hopefully NOT getting stuck in it.  Missouri is a far cry from Alaska.  In Alaska it was just your normal winter, here in Missouri it’s like a whole new phenomenon!!  Funny, that!!

Here’s the template I’m going to use…you can download the template if you’d like by going here: which is the Photoshop layered version and this is the jpeg version if you want to see the page but don’t have Photoshop

Let me know what you think and then I’d so love to see what you do…I’ll post mine here in a day or two.



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