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Digital advantage with scenery photo

Posted by PatriciaD on January 21, 2010

You can create this cool window pane effect on a scenery photo and it just makes it so much more than a photo.  I’ve even taken the name of a movie, tweeked it “Room with a View” and given my photo a cool title.  The wording around the photo frame makes it really stand out.  Also note there are actually two mats, a white and a black one for this window frame.
Sometimes you just have to play with things to get them the way you like them.  This was not what I had originally intended with the photo when I started but I really liked this finished product so this is where I left it.  Have fun with photos, play around with them.  That’s one of the things I so enjoy about working digitally with my photos and scrapbook pages.  I can keep playing with it till I’ve gotten something I really like.

Play with your photos till you like the results


2 Responses to “Digital advantage with scenery photo”

  1. pdh8447 said

    Too cool…being in Springfield. Some of the kids at the marching band conference used our building just across the street from campus. Next time you’re here we’ll have to meet.

  2. Hummie said

    Nice layout…I like simple layouts.

    I was just in Springfield back in October, but I don’t get that way much. We were there for marching band.

    It’s always exciting to see new scrappers in this area…I don’t meet very many other digital scrapbookers yet.

    Feel free to drop by the forum and introduce yourself.

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