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Posted by PatriciaD on February 10, 2010

Templates are the most wonderful little helper tools in scrapbooking.  A template is a page that is laid out for you and all you have to do is put papers, elements and photos in the place of each piece of the template.  For example here’s a template.  This one is simple template with two papers, 3 photos and space for journaling and a ribbon.  It’s free here if you’d like to download it.

First open the template in Photoshop (PS).  Select 3 photos and 2 or 3 coordinating papers.  Open all of them in PS.  First select the background layer in the layers palette of the template.  Then go to the first background page and drag it over to your template.  Hold the shift key as you let go of your mouse and the paper will land exactly in the middle of the layout.

The paper will land in the layers palette just above the background layer.  This page is then in place. 

Now select the layer titled “2nd paper” in the layers palette (this is the red layer) and drag your chosen 2nd paper onto the template.   Again, be sure to hold the Shift key as you let go of the mouse.  It will appear as if this paper has covered a lot of your page.  Don’t worry we’re gonna fix that.  Move the mouse to the line between the new paper you’ve just added and the “2nd paper” layer in the layers palette and hold the Alt key.  Notice that the mouse pointer changes to two little bitty circles overlapping each other and a tiny little arrow.  Click.  The paper layer will be “clipped” to your 2nd paper layer and have the new shape and size.  You’ll see the other background paper now, too.

The next step is to drag your first photo into the template after selecting the first ‘photo goes here” layer.  Chances are the photo will be too large or too small to fit the space exactly so let’s fix that.  Select the photo layer.  Click the Ctrl + T keys (that is hold the Ctrl key and tap the T key).  This will allow you to change the size of the photo.  Hold the Shift key as you drag a corner handle.  Drag in to make smaller and out to make larger.  Hold the Shift key while dragging, it maintains proportions on your photo.  If you need to move the photo into place move the mouse pointer inside the handles and drag it.  If you move the mouse pointer outside the handles you will get a curved arrow and dragging this will rotate the photo.  When you are satisfied with the size and location of the photo either double click inside the handles or click on the check mark in the title bar.  Then again hold the Alt key while moving the mouse pointer to the line between the photo and the “photo goes here” layer.  When you get the two circles with the arrow click to clip them together.

Repeat the steps for this photo for the remaining two photos.

The third paper is for the ribbon that is behind the photos and in front of the other two papers.  Repeat the steps for the photos but this time just leave the paper as is.

The final step is your journaling.  Journaling is probably one of the most important parts of a scrapbook page.  Remember the proverbial who, what, where, when and why.


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