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Posted by PatriciaD on February 8, 2010

Marci's adoption

Journaling is a fundamental basis of scrapbooking.  Without journaling your scrapbook pages are just a compilation of photos with no real meaning.  Whenever you do journaling ask yourself, what will others need to know about the people or events in this photo or scrapbook page when you’re not around to tell them.  Imagine it’s your great-grandchild and they’ve never met you.  What would you want them to know about your life, the events in the photos or on the page?  To some extent isn’t that why you’re keeping a scrapbook?  Don’t you wish you had a scrapbook of your great-grandparent’s life?  Would that not be the most awesome thing?  So let’s create it for your great-grandchildren.

Use the basic who, what, where, when and why.  Who – when you list who is in the photo(s) do not forget to list who’s not in the photo.  For example who is the photographer?  They were there, obviously, so be sure you include their name.  What – is the event or why were the photos take and don’t forget to take photos and record everyday events in your life.  It’s easy to neglect.  I mean it’s everyday to us so why should we record it.  But wouldn’t you love to have a record of even just the everyday events of your great-grandmother’s life?  Where – obviously where were you or where was the event?  When – the when of an event doesn’t have to be the exact day it can be as vague as the year but just adding the month is sometimes helpful.   And the Why – why was the photo taken?  Was it an everyday event or a special event like a wedding, a family picnic or whatever?

Brush up on your writing skills.  Make the story more than just a list of Who, What, Where, When and Why.  Obviously, these details are important for future generations but they’re not the end of the story.  Be creative.  Write a compelling story.  Make it personal.  Tell a story; don’t just relate facts, as interesting as they may be the real story is in the telling.  Everything on your scrapbook page sets the mood or enhances the story.  Use elements and papers that complement and help tell the story.

Now I have to tell you that neither of these examples are good at journaling but at least the one on the left has something and really it’s not bad.  The one on the right has a tiny bit.  Both could make better use of journaling.  Don’t worry I did both of these so I’m not bashing.


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Do you want a Transforming Year for 2010?

Posted by PatriciaD on January 12, 2010


What are your dreams?  What are your new years resolutions?  Do you make new years resolutions any more or have you given up?  I mean why bother writing them down each year if you know you won’t be doing anything towards them anyway, right?!  Have you become disillusioned?  Think about this, dreams give birth to change. 

What are your hopes as you reflect on the past year?  With pen in hand take a few quiet minutes to reflect on the past and contemplate the year that is to come.  But this year, instead of making another set of resolutions that you will have forgotten by next week think about your dreams and hopes.

 I read a story not too long ago about a mother who told her teenage daughter to quit dreaming that she wasn’t going to be doing any of that stuff anyway, you know like writing a book, traveling the world, having that dream job.  Well, of course, she wasn’t if she didn’t first dream it.  Can you imagine a mother telling her child not to dream beautiful dreams and not to become all she could be?! 

 And it wasn’t just a story.  I had a foster child whose mother told him, in my hearing, that he was just dumb and lazy so what did it matter how he did in school!!  When he came to me he was in special education classes, couldn’t tie his own shoes (and he was 12 years old), couldn’t read for comprehension and on and on.  After living with me for barely 2 weeks he could tie his shoes, after two months he was reading much better (we read every night, no TV), and after two years wasn’t in special ed for any subject, helped other kids with their math (never dreamed he’d do that) and knew God.  Those were my dreams for him but he found out that he could have dreams of his own.  I hope he has learned to dream for himself.

 Did you write down your dreams this year? 

Don’t give up on your dreams.  Don’t give in to the discouragement of not dreaming or listening to the negativism of those who would tell you not to dream, even your own negative thoughts.  Think positive, dream big!!  So what if you don’t get the big thing you dreamed…if you get the next thing to it at least you’ve gotten more than if you never dreamed at all.  You’re never too old…dream!

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